Huaian Helen Medical Instrument Co, Ltd.

About Us

About us: Huaian Helen Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales: Blood lancet ,Alcohol Pad, Surgical blades, Urine bag,First aid kit .Registered capital: 1 550000 yuan in May 2011. with more than 30, with ateam of elite team, located in a long history of the ancient town of theMillennium town pier. Our products are sold around the world.

Our business philosophy is: continuous innovation, with technology as the core.Service philosophy is: quality as life, customer is the god.
 Employee philosophy is: rigorous and realistic progressive unity and hard work.
 Helen medical--- wholeheartedly provides all kinds of products and meticulous, thehighest price of high quality after sale service for you.

Life is both beautiful and fragile  protecting humanlife  and  health  is  a  noble cause  and sacred missionAs  one of  the a pioneers of  this  cause,  we I continuouslybear in mind the company spirit  fight for human health"and  develop  more  advanced  and  effective  medicinal  products, so as i to accomplish our mission entrustedby history.

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